sexta-feira, 30 de abril de 2010

Mais Livros

Os livros continuaram a chegar durante o 2º período e foram lidos com frequência.
Aqui vão ficar novas entradas.

4 comentários:

  1. Inês Silva, 11C, on Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer:
    I loved reading this book, it has a great love and mysterious plot with a good sense of
    humor. What I most like in the plot was the true love from Edward, is a love that we just
    can see in a novel like this. My favorite character is Edward because he is a really sweet
    boy, really mature and makes everything to protect Bella.
    I recommend this book because it is a really well – written book, with unreal characters and
    a plot which make all de readers dream with a true love.

  2. Elsa Sousa, 11G, on Into the Wild by John Krakauer:

    I enjoyed reading this book. I had
    already seen the film, but reading the book was far more clarifying, as it had
    so many details and even entries from Chris’ journal. It also told the stories
    of other adventurers with a passion for the wilderness.
    Even if we don’t agree with ‘Alexander
    Supertramp’s point of view, we can’t deny that he had a strong will, and he did
    what he believed to be right with determination and a firm attitude.
    He was my favourite character
    because of his special personality and I can’t choose one moment of the plot,
    as they were all unique in some way. The lanscapes and freedom that he enjoyed,
    the challenging life of a hitchhiker and “hobo”, having no money and never
    knowing when the next meal would be, but being happy just for being in the wild
    and alive, all this showed me how rewarding a spontaneous and nomadic life can
    be. The reasons above are also the reasons why EVERYBODY should read this book.

  3. Marco Passagem on "7 Years in Tibet" by Heinrich Harrer:

    I liked reading this book because i learned some things about the Tibet and its culture.
    The character that I liked most is the main character, Harrer, because he was the tutor of a Dalai Lama.
    I recommend this book to people that like adventure and biographic books.

  4. Beatriz Silva, 11M, on "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd:

    While I was reading this book, I found that it was very hard to stop reading it. I’ve enjoyed reading it a lot because this book has a very interesting story. I’ve loved specially that part of the differences between black and white people; the way the three ladies take care of Lily and tell her everything about bees’ life.
    I think my favorite character is Lily because she is a very strong character, especially with her mother’s death, the coolness of her father and the revelation. She saves Rosaleen and tries to discover a new world where she is the only white person and the others couldn’t take her seriously.

    To finish, I would recommend it because it is a book where we can learn a lot about the old days as well as understand better what love, kindness and racism are.