quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

Perfume: the story of a murderer, Patrick Süskind

Este livro foi sugerido pelo 11º G.

3 comentários:

  1. Ânia, 11G, said:
    I liked the book because although there are mistery, I felt like I was into the Grenouille's mind.
    In my opinion, this book is recommended for people who like some controversial stories.
    I liked the way the story criticises indirectly the society of that time. The description of all the details about people, the environment and even the mind of the society of that time are captivating.
    And I think that the end is really unexpected and interesting. It really makes us think.

  2. Mariana, 11G, said:
    I didn't like the story of this book. It is horrible how such a bad and evil person like Grenouille did everything he planned. It´s atrocious how every person felt bad in his presence. I don´t understand him, how he thinks, what he feels and it is disturbing to me how he did whatever he wanted, it didn´t matter how awful it was. None of all those evil thoughts and actions came back to him, he always got away with it. He didn´t like any kind of love, not for people, not for animals, not for plants, not for anything at all. Anyway, I think this book describes very well all the smells and scents and how were the cities and the people of the time.

  3. Sara Pereira, 11M, says:

    I enjoyed reading the book because the author gives the readers a detailed description in a way
    that makes us feel that we belong to the plot.
    I started to like more the plot after Jean-Baptiste Grenouille arrives at Grasse. I think it caughts
    easily anyone’s’ attention, it’s when he learns the techniques of scent extraction and he murders
    25 girls.
    My favorite character is Laure Richis because she represents the part of the society that only
    cares about beauty, even Grenouille wants her and since she dies in the end I think it means
    that society shouldn’t give such magnitude to beauty, therefore it could have a terrible ending
    like Laure Richs and the rest of the characters.
    I recommend this book because it shows the past(eighteenth century), how people lived before,
    the places where they lived. It’s a book which gives us culture.